This is how Ruto took over Meru single handedly

DP Ruto seems to have special fores following him everywhere he goes. He is being loved by everybody despite all the scandals imposed upon him.

Ruto in Meru.

The other day we saw that, people were refusing to attend former prime minister Raila Odinga’s BBI rally in Meru. Ruto went the same place and everybody was following him.

The question is, should Raila be afraid of the 2022 elections? the answer is a very big yes. If things continue the way they are right now, Somebody will go home on a broad day light in 2022.

Ruto is known to be “a father of politics” He always wins the hearts of voters. He has made President Uhuru Kenyatta win the elections twice and I believe that in 2022, some people will see dust.

Ruto is known to be a very prayerful man. All leaders a chosen by God and God loves people who always bow their heads to Him. Despite president Uhuru Kenyatta doing his best to make name for the right Hon. Raila Odinga, Things seems to be favoring Ruto. More

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