KITUI: KCSE candidate stabbed to death by boyfriend.

Police in Kitui county have started an investigation after a KCSE candidate was send to the way of all ghost by her boyfriend.

According to eye witnesses, the 27 years old man visited the girl in her home, which is located in a village called Kavasya, Kitui County.

The two started arguing. They were talking of love matters where the man was accusing the deceased of seeing another man.

Within a twinkle of an eye, the man drew a knife from his pocket and stabbed the girl repeatedly until she kicked the bucket.

Residents said that they were alert by the girl’s cry as she gasped for her life.

After seeing that his lover has been accepted and welcomed by her maker, the murderer decided to follow her. He was however stopped by residents.

The girl’s body was taken to a mortuary in Kitui and the man taken to hospital, where is he under tight security.

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