This is what DP Ruto told Kipyegon Kenei’s father.!

It was a sad moment as family, friends and politicians gathered to say goodbye to the late sergeant Kipyegon Kenei, a police officer who was working at DP Ruto’s office at the Harambee Annex building.

DP Ruto and kenei’s father at the burial of the late sergeant Kipyegon Kenei

DP Ruto was on the front line to give his last respect to the man, who he spoke to just a day before he was killed.

Ruto had an opportunity to meet Kipyegon’s parents specifically his father. Ruto shook his hand tightly and looked directed to his eyes and said “pole sana,God is watching“.

Ruto said that, Politicians are accusing him for the demise of Kipyegon Kenei, something that he is very innocent of and he leaves everything to God. more

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