Why Dida wants uhuru to leave an apology letter to Kenyans when exiting office!

Former presidential aspirant Mohammed Abduba Dida has taken a swipe on president uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, telling them to prepare an apology letter to Kenyans.

Dida said Kenyans have suffered a lot in the hands of Uhuru and Ruto for terms they have served the country, and for that reason, Uhuru should leave an apology letter to Kenyans when exiting the office.

Mwalimu Dida warned that, Uhuru should not dare to extend his term with even a microsecond, he should know when he is unwanted.

“If the President loves this country like most of us, he should not extend his term even by a microsecond. Know when you are unwanted.

“On his way out, l hope that he writes a long apology letter. He must then return Deputy President Ruto back to the hole he pulled him from.” Mwalimu Dida posed. More

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