Ngunjiri Wambugu slams Raila and Ruto badly over their ‘useless’ coalition!

Nyeri town member of parliament has taken a swipe on DP William Ruto and former prime minister Raila Odinga over rumors of their oncoming Coalition that is meant to scare president Uhuru Kenyatta allies.

Nyeri town member of parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu./PHOTO/COURTESY

Via his social media account, Wambugu said that the only thing that makes Ruto qualify to be a presidential aspirant is because a section (30%) of mount Kenya voters supports him.

“Ruto has become a viable presidential aspirant because a section – not more than 30% – of Mt Kenya voters and leaders support him,” said MP Wambugu.

Ngunjiri continued to say that, William Ruto must know that those who support him from Mount Kenya do so because they don’t like Raila Odinga and that they thinks Ruto is the only remaining option.

“But am sure he knows that this section supports him because they don’t like Raila and they think he’s the only other option. They are willing to go against Uhuru ONLY on this issue. This is the ONLY reason that the current division in Mt Kenya exists,” Wambugu insisted.

The Nyeri law maker warned that, If Raila and DP Ruto dares to form a coalition and work together, they should forget mount Kenya because that region will disown them with one voice.

“If Ruto and Raila were to work together Mt Kenya would then UNITE AWAY from both. The whole region would then MOST PROBABLY find it easier to support anyone else.

“The motivations that usually kick in to motivate a focused and united political direction in the region would then kick in. This means that whoever they support will start out with the entire 8M Mt Kenya votes in one basket. ( … and this is how a coalition that would otherwise never have made it could easily lead the next government!),” said Ngunjiri.

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The Kieleweke allied member of parliament approved that, Raila and Ruto are very smart and experienced politicians, but warned that, trying to unite against Uhuru Kenyatta is fighting a losing battle.

“But both Ruto and Raila understand this. They are extremely ruthless, brilliant and experienced politicians. But they also know that another politician has proven to be all these things, and more, than them.

“Are they willing to gamble against him knowing that if they gamble they might lose; while he stands to lose nothing whatever happens,” Wambugu insisted. More

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