DP Ruto blames the system for the death of Kenei

The family gathered to give their last respects to the fallen soldier sergeant Kipyegon Kenei, DP Ruto joined the mourners early Saturday of 7th March 2020.

DP Ruto attended Kenei’s burial and he was filled with sorrow. He blame the system.|Photo|William Ruto

Ruto was filled with sorrow has he gave his last respect to his junior worker, the late Kipyegon Kenei.

According to Ruto, Kenei was killed in order to demean his name. He said that: “The whoever murdered Kenei for whatever reasons,will never see peace until they surrender or we get them.

Those running this scheme should know that, I won’t stop until they kill me. I know what they have planned next and I am ready for it. If you killed Kenei to instill fear in me separate me from my family,it won’t work.”

On his twitter account, Ruto wrote that: ” The DCI has been mobilized for political reasons to discredit and destroy my office with all manner NONSENSE and to bring me down.

Those in this scheme are boasting that I will not be there soon.Since the system cannot elect anybody,they can only kill.But there is GOD in Heaven.More

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