Please help: Stressed Kenyan woman goes on streets in search of husband!

Residents of a certain town in Eldoret were left mesmerized after a stressed colleen decided to make it public that she is sick and tired of being single.

Stressed Kenyan woman spotted looking for an husband in streets/photo/courtesy

The middle aged woman was hard crying “Please help a sister, am tired of being lonely, I just need at least mtu wa kuwashia moto”.

Although some residents made fun of her, the innocent woman continued with her plans, letting nothing destruct her as she was very much sure that she will not go home alone today.

The single woman held a banner with with writings “Scarcity of husbands, Looking for a serious husband, no age limit. Hata kama hana kakitu, sura sio shida, bora uhai, please tafathali help a sister”.

Her video has been trending for the better part of Thursday, 8th of April 2021, with some people making jokes of her saying she shouldn’t have gone that far. More

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