Exposed: Who killed KBC journalist Betty Mutekhele?

A Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) journalist was on Wednesday night, 7th of April 2021 send to the way of all ghosts in her family house in Ololua area, Ngong.

Former KBC editor, the late Betty Mutekhele/Photo/Courtesy.

The Mother of three had reported to her job area as usual and according to her comrades, she didn’t show any sign of worry or conflict with anyone.

At around 8.30 in the evening, Betty arrived at her home, ready to hug and kiss her loved ones, not knowing that, that was her last day on earth.

According to an eye witness, Mutekhele arrived at her home at about 8.20pm. As the the gate was being opened by her house help, a gang of three heavily armed with AK47 forced their way into the compound.

The house help had gone to open the gate when she saw the trio who had been hiding in a nearby home that is still under construction. She ran and hid accompanied by one of Mutekhele’s children.

“There were screams and this prompted Mutekhele’s husband to walk out and check what the matter could be. It is here that the thugs asked Mutekhele to alight from his car and get inside the house together with her husband.

“The trio spent the first five minutes looking for the house help and they did not get her. She was hiding together with Mutekhele’s daughter,” a source privy to the matter told a local media house.

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The bad guys are said to have spend almost five minutes looking for the house help to no avail. One of them accompanied the deceased to the upstairs bedroom and was demanding to be given money and other valuables.

A police officer privy to the investigations stated that a key witness who was hiding in the house disclosed that the thug was receiving instructions on phone from an unknown person.

Sisi tumetimbua (We have killed her),” the witness overheard.

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The attackers did not harm any other family member. As one of them was ambushing Betty, the husband and other children were being held hostage by the rest two in the living room.

They left with phone and laptop belonging to the KBC editor, the late Betty Mutekhele. police are still carrying on with their investigations to determine whether it was a planned attack or a normal robbery. More

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