“Uhuru Kenyatta is a clueless Man” City pastor trolls Uhuru after closing churches!

A city pastor by the name of bishop Ambuka has send a letter to president uhuru Kenyatta on behalf of other millions of Kenyans who are wondering what next after curfew and lockdown for the second time.

Ambuka, who is an bishop in PEFA church located in kahawa requested president uhuru Kenyatta to review virus containment measures because lockdown and curfew are making Kenyans to suffer more.

“Uhuru Kenyatta is a clueless Man, He has no strategy for fighting Corona his only strategy is lockdown & curfews.” Bishop Ambuka posed.

The Bishop went ahead and pointed a finger of blame to Uhuru’s government, saying that him, former prime minister Raila Odinga and Deputy president William Ruto are the cause of the COVID-19 third wave pandemic.

“You the President, Raila Odinga through BBI Reggae and William Ruto are the reasons why corona is surging in the country, how are you planning to control corona though curfew and lock downs, Bishop Ambuka tells off President Kenyatta” he stated.

He went ahead and directly lectured Uhuru saying that locking down the 5 counties will not eradicate the virus, he should look for a sober solution and stop the lockdown thing once and for all.

Ambuka also condemned the action of the government to close down churches saying that, it was a bad idea considering that, everyone seeks refuge in church in times of trouble. More

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