Fresh details on Why Tyreus Mwangi killed his girlfriend Purity Karwirwa.

Justice for Purity Karwirwa Ikunywa” That’s the new tune for the family and friends of the deceased Purity Karwirwa, a lady that was brutally murdered by love of her life.

Mwangi hit Karwirwa with a hammer 3 times on the head, hands and back born |Photo Courtesy

Balindiway News has it that, Mwangi and Karwirwa were very good friends and their love was envied my many. Things started turning sour after Mwangi started suspecting his lover Purity of cheating on him.

The prison officer, the man who was known to be silent and of few words started taking law into his own hands. He could beat his lover anytime she went to visit him.

Purity Karwirwa tried to speak to her girlfriends about the matter. They advised her to report the case but because of the love and affections she had for Mwangi, she decided to leave the matter to God.

Jealousy became too much and Mwangi decided to finish her once and for all. Using a hammer, he hit her twice on the head, hands and back born. The officer has since been apprehended and he will be charged with murder. May her soul rest in eternal peace. More

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