Tension as Nigeria Confirms first case of Coronavirus. Kenya at risk.

Nigeria has confirmed her first case of Coronavirus since the pandemic was first announced in China.

Nigeria confirms first case of COVID-19. Photo courtesy

According to a Nigerian health official, the virus was brought into the country by an Italian working in Nigeria. The patient had returned to Nigeria from a short holiday from Milan Italy.

Milan Italy has been facing an increase in number of Coronavirus cases as government try their best to control the spread of the deadly virus.

Nigeria becomes first country in Sub Saharan Africa to report Coronavirus case. Nigerians are afraid that, the number might increase because Nigeria, just like any other African country is very crowded with poverty inevitable.

Kenya is another country that is on high risk of developing Coronavirus cases. This is because, the government allowed a total of 239 Chinese people direct from China into the Country.

The Chinese people were advised to self quarantine but apparently, they refused to do so and decided to roam around Nairobi. More

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