Why ailing Kibaki is demanding to See Raila and Uhuru immediately!

Former President of the republic of Kenya, Mzee Mwai Kibaki is not doing very well. The former Commander in chief of the armed forces has been in and out of hospital and his condition seems not to be improving.

According to sources from Kibaki’s home, the former head of state is not in a very good state of health. He is ailing but very a live.

According to his doctor Mwai is responding well to his medicine and soon he will be on his feet.

Trends has it that, the ailing Obako has requested for Raila and Uhuru’s attention. Nobody knows what he want to discus with the two leaders in absence of DP William Ruto.

It is however not a worrying thing because different leaders have been streaming at Kibaki’s residents to know his whereabouts.

Rumours has it that, the former President want to talk to this two leaders now that he has energy and breath to do so. At 89 years, sick and bedridden, Mwai knows very well that anything can happened. He want to leave the country in stable condition. More

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