Releveled: Why Raila was rushed back to Nairobi hospital!

An earlier photo of Raila Odinga in hospital/PHOTO/COURTESY

Former prime minister and ODM party Leader Raila Odinga was rushed back to Nairobi hospital, hours after he was discharged from the same facility.

Baba, who was confirmed to be suffering from the deadly Coronavirus disease had been treated and discharged so that he can self isolate at home under his loved one’s care.

Yesterday, 18th March 2021, The BBI masterpiece Fell ill and his family had to rush him back to the same Nairobi hospital.

On Sunday, 14th of March 2021, Raila posted a video on his social media page with caption “Glad to be back home. I’ll be strictly self isolating until further notice.”

In the video, Tinga was seeing doing some physical exercise and was saying how he missed outside, the green nature and such.

An insider told local dailies that, Raila Odinga checked in the hospital after scheduled appointment by his doctors.

“His doctors wanted to see him. He was attended to and allowed to go home and continue with the self-isolation,” 

Oburu Odinga, his elder brother insisted that Baba checked in the hospital for routine check ups after he tested positive for Coronavirus disease. More

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