Breaking: Raila in critical condition after testing positive for Corona virus!

Hours after the ODM party leader Raila Odinga was rushed to Nairobi hospital for series of test, something terrible has happened.

Raila was rushed to the hospital on 9th march 2021 after he complained of severe body ache and fatigue, he was later admitted and put on bedrest, where he was told to follow the doctor’s advice.

According news on circulation, Baba has tested positive for COVID-19.

Thursday night, 11th of March 2021, news broke the internet that the BBI masterpiece was suffering from the world’s deadliest malaise, Coronavirus.

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On 10th March 2021, Raila’s brother Oburu Odinga had said that, his brother Raila had undertaken a COVID-19 test and they were waiting for results. More

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