Babu owino cries on live tv begging kikuyu community to endorse Raila!

On 9th march 2021, Embakasi member of parliament Paul Ongili Owino Alias Babu owino pleaded with the kikuyu community asking for a favor in the coming 2022 general elections.

“Raila hajawahi iba hata Kuku ya Mtu,Raila hajawahi nyang’anya Mtu bibi,Raila hajawahi iba Pesa ya Mtu,Raila hajawahi Choma wakikuyu kanisani.Raila anawapenda wakikuyu hata Raila junior ameoa mkikuyu,” said Owino.

Speaking during an interview On Mt. kenya TV, the outspoken lawmaker also begged for forgiveness on behalf of his boss Raila Odinga if he had in any way offended anyone.

“I ask you humbly, do not hate Raila Odinga, he is not a bad person. If he has wronged anyone in the Kikuyu community. I ask you to forgive him on his behalf,” he said.

Babu further narrated that, they love kikuyu people even Raila’s late son Fidel and Raila Junior married from Kikuyu community because he loves the tribe.

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“I also have a wife from Mt Kenya. We love you, we have even taken your daughters to our home, we have no problems with you at all,” he said.

Owino said this as tears of melancholy streamed down his visage. He said that if Raila fails to be president this time round, he will never have any other chance. More

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