“ODM is a bully political party, quit the handshake” Raila and his team dared!

While the handshake deal between president uhuru Kenyatta and former prime minister Raila Odinga turns a year older, things don’t seem to be in order in the ODM camp.

ODM lawmakers Otiende Amolo and Siaya county senator James Orengo accused Jubilee party of trying to sabotage Raila’s plans to ascend to power in the coming general election.

However, a section of Amani National Congress (ANC) and wiper party leaders, have come out openly and dared the ODM party to quit the handshake, if they cannot abide by rules and regulations of the the handshake.

According to ANC party chairman Kelvin Lunani, ODM party is well known as a political bully, saying that some of the complaints made by leaders from the Orange party, are not sincere.

“ANC has no interest in driving a wedge between anyone. As a matter of fact, it is ODM’s pursuit of personalizing BBI that is the lever for the attempted exclusion of many stakeholders from the process,” he said.

In kitui, senator Enoch Wambua pointed out that, kenya is a democratic country, and as such no one is forced to do anything forcefully, and for that reason ODM party should pave way for wiper party to take over the handshake if they feel harassed and betrayed.

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“If I invite you to my house, you should not come and start dictating to me how I should cook my food, how I should do my things.

“If ODM is not satisfied with the terms of the handshake, let them quit” Senator Enoch Wambua posed while speaking to a congregation at ATG Church in Mlolongo. More

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