Eleanor, Jowie’s ex girlfriend exposes why she dumped him!

Ella, Jowie Irungu’s ex sweeter has finally exposed why she parted ways with the musician after dating for less than two years.

Eleanor disclosed that, their relationship ended back in 2020 December, saying that Jowie had changed so much and he was no longer a good person to be with.

She also disclosed that, they were never married, and it was a lie so as to protect and help him leave a peaceful life in Nairobi after he was released from Kamiti prison.

Joseph Irungu had been charged with alleged murder of a Nairobi business woman, Monica Kimani in Nairobi.

He was later released from Kamiti prison on ksh2 Million cash bail after pleading not guilty.

Before he went to jail, Irungu was in a relationship with a TV personality Jacky Maribe, who was arrested for allegedly being part of Monica Kimani’s murder.

Jowie’s current ex lover now says that he changed after he joined music industry and he is currently untrusted.

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