Miguna speaks after MCAs endorsed BBI!

General Miguna Miguna has posed a question to those who are busy passing the BBI report asking, what will happen to Raila if DP William Ruto becomes the imperial president?

For fact that he is one of those who are against the BBI report from the beginning, he has pointed out that, in 2010 Ruto tried to enact the constitution that was being supported by Raila odinga, but he ended up being the Deputy president.

“In 1963 Moi OPPOSED the Constitution of Kenya and the imposition of Jomo Kenyatta as president.

“In 1967, Kenyatta appointed Moi VP, kicked out Jaramogi and killed Mboya.

“The latter had made him president. In 1978, Moi became president and BANISHED Jaramogi to political PURGATORY.

2010: Ruto OPPOSED the enactment of the Constitution, which the People’s Conman Raila Odinga supported. But, it is Ruto who became DP after its enactment.

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“Now, Conman Raila Odinga wants a constitutional MONGREL.

“What will Raila do if Ruto becomes the IMPERIAL PRESIDENT? Miguna posted. More

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