Was he suffering from Coronavirus??

Disaster after disaster. Nowadays we are being awoken by sudden bad news almost every morning.

Cyrus Omondi was found lifelines in his hotel room in India, where he had gone for training.

We just buried our second president of republic of Kenya, and before that, we had put to eternal rest 15 pupils, who died in Kakamega stampede.

We can’t forget the famous gospel singer by the name of Dennis Mwangi aka Papa Dennis, who died after he alleged jumped from 7th floor of a building in Pangani Nairobi.

Let’s talk about Raphael Tuju, a politician who was involved in an accident while he was rushing to attend Moi’s burial. We still don’t know his fate. Reports say that, he was badly injured and doctors had to do a quick operation on his back born and stomach.

Cyrus Omondi aka Gearbox was a Kahawa Wendani member of County assembly (MCA). Reports says that, Omondi was found lifeless in his hotel room in India, where he had traveled for training.

Questions have started emerging on how and why he died in such a mysterious way. The world has been hit by a very deadly virus that is scaring the whole universe, Coronavirus aka COVID 19.

Coronavirus is a very dangerous disease and it k!lls in less than two weeks. The disease that emerged from Hubei province of Wuhan has been spreading like bush fire.

Countries have started closing their borders as the number of new cases is rising every second. Scientists are afraid that, this could be the end of humanity.

I don’t want to dwell on rumors because i don’t want to find myself on fire. Lets just wait for investigations on what k!lled the MCA more

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