Valentine’s day is here, a day of love and adoration. A day that you will know if you are single or you are in a serious relationship.

Valentine is a day of love. Show love to anyone even your parents.

Today, we are going to see how to get a valentine’s gift from anyone whether you are dating or not.

In most cases, valentine’s day is important to ladies. Men seem to have a lot in mind and forgets this important day. Try to apply these tactics and see if you will get something this 14th feb.

Be nice : Being nice to people close to you will make them soften their hearts towards you. At your place of work, just keep smiling (cute smiles only) . Am sure someone must notice your smile and your “sudden” act of kindness and extend his or her hand to you.

Give : Valentine is not all about being given, just be nice and buy something for someone. By doing so, the person will feel guilty and in return, he or she will give you something bigger.

Ask: Remind someone that it’s valentine’s day. Some people tend to forget about this day because to men, this day does not exist. You might assume that he or she remembers, but in their minds they are thinking about Coronavirus. more

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