How to covert YouTube videos to mp3

There are many ways of downloading and converting YouTube videos to mp3 and played it via your mp3 players or your phone.

Let’s have a look at the best and most genuine websites/ website for downloading YouTube videos and YouTube audios/mp3.

How to download YouTube videos using tubidy.

Tubidy is one of the oldest websites that were developed to help you be able to download YouTube videos.

Just go to www . tubidy . com and then you will see a place where you can search for your video. What tubidy does is that, it takes YouTube videos direct and that’s why you are able to download. After you have seen you video now you will have the option to chose either mp3 or mp4.

How to download YouTube videos using LoudTronix.

LoudTronix is a very good website that is mostly used by DJs. DJs use this website because it’s very simple and it gives both audio and video in a very good quality.

Just search for LoudTronix .com and from there, copy and paste YouTube video link from YouTube to the LoudTronix site. Then chose either mp3 or mp4. more

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