Nyachae’s lover emerges with two grown up kids demanding for justice!

A day after Mzee Simeon Nyachae was laid to rest, a woman has come out to claim her rights and that of her two grown up children saying she was Nyachae’s secret wife.

In a press conference in kisii town today 16th feb 2021, Margaret Kerubo chyweya, a 65 years old woman, said that she is the wife of the late former cabinet minister Simeon Nyachae and she want the family to recognize her as one of them.

Ms Kerubo pointed out that, she had an affair with the late Nyachae and they were blessed with two children.

She further narrated that, she met Mzee Nyachae in 1973 at Jogoo house where she was working then, before she relocated to USA where she currently reside.

According to Kerubo, they conducted a traditional customary wedding since Nyachae had other three wives to legitimize their marriage.

She said that she visited Nyachae last year when she learned that he was sick, but due to COVID-19, she was barred from seeing him, saying that she was left with no option than to fly back to America.

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Margaret said she received a message that Nyachae was no more and made a plan to come back to kenya for his burial ceremony, but she was again barred from accessing his home.

“I was told to get out of the compound since they don’t recognize me, I moved out of the compound helplessly,” she lamented.

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She added and said that, her and sons Rodney Nyachae 47 and Brian Nyandusi Nyachae 41, were not recognized during the burial ceremony at Gusii stadium instead they were chased away from the compound.

“It really hurt me when the family didn’t recognize me, I was not given priority like the inner family,” she cried. More

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