Uhuru finished as Ruto’s lawyer takes over ICC!

Deputy president William Ruto’s lawyer Karim Khan has been voted in as a new international criminal court (ICC) prosecutor for a term of 9 years.

Khan has taken from Bensuda, the ICC prosecutor who will be remembered for prosecuting and charging president uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy president William Ruto and a vernacular radio presenter Joshua sang for crime against humanity

Karim led a battery of lawyers that represented DP Ruto in ICC when he was faced with charges against humanity at the Hague.

On 5th April 2016, William Ruto and Joshua sang were found not guilty and their charges were dropped.

This is a tick for DP William Ruto as the ICC heat on him will start to cool down.

Few months ago, we saw DCI Kinoti start questioning 2007/8 post election violence victims and people started speculating that, there were plans to revive ICC case against the Deputy president.

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Karim is among world’s best lawyers, who if they represent you in a court of law, chances of you going free are 99.99 percent. More

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