Raila last warning to Ruto about Jubilee’s fake promises to Kenyans!

ODM party leader Raila Odinga has slammed DP William Ruto again saying that, the second in command should be blamed for Jubilee party’s fake promises.

Raila defended himself by saying that his latest criticism was not aimed at president Uhuru Kenyatta or the entire Jubilee party, but was aimed at William Ruto.

Odinga called Ruto hypocrite for accusing his ODM party of interfering with Jubilee agendas. Raila insisted that, his party is still the biggest opposition party in Kenya.

“These people have been making wild allegations against us (ODM) that we disrupted the agenda of the Jubilee government.

“They have been going around preaching the ”hustler” narrative. What I have been telling the DP is that what he is saying is not new.

“He promised laptops to Class One pupils who are now in Class 8. And now he is promising them wheelbarrows. I have been responding to the DP and not criticizing President Uhuru Kenyatta,” Said Raila.

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Raila and Ruto have been attacking each. Ruto had accused Raila of interfering with their Jubilee party and halting everything.

Raila nick named Ruto Mr. Six months for failing to keep his promises to Kenyans. Raila said that Ruto promised children laptops, something that never came to pass. more

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