Exposed: This is what Ruto told Raila in Kisii after Arati kicked Osoro!

Former prime minister Raila Odinga and his biggest political enemy watched live as their bad boys weighed each other in Kisii, during the final send of Mzee Abel Gongera.

William Ruto and Raila Odinga in Kisii, during the burial of Mzee Abel Gongera

Ruto, who was seated some meters from where the Former prime minister was seated had been seen whispering something to Sylvanus Osoro, as Simba Arati continued roasting hustler movement.

After the event was over, DP William Ruto and his friend Raila Odinga were seen talking face to face and each of them looked okay.

Raila took the golden opportunity to apologize to the deputy president on what had happened and said that he will sort it out with his boy Simba Arati.

William Ruto on the other had shook Raila’s five and apologized for Osoro’s mistakes that brought shame and confusion in Kisii.

The moral of this actions is that, there is no public enemy in politics and as Youths’ we should not be lured to fight for politicians.

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These guys are friends. Despite what they say on our screens, they talk differently when they meet face to face.

You will never see Raila knock the f@ck out of Ruto’s face and vice versa. More

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