Kenya’s queen of Ohangla Maureen Otiu aka lady Maureen used to be very beautiful and many would call her ” Queen Maureen” . Things started changing the moment she visited Tanzania and got arrested.

Lady Maureen before and after

In April 2018, lady Maureen together with her 15 band members were arrested in Mwanza Tanzania for entering the country without required papers.

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Two weeks before the arrest, Maureens health had started to take a negative turn. This was noted after she collapsed on stage while preparing for her album launch. See Why you will never get married

The Nyar Ng’ato traditional dancers were sentenced to six months in jail at Bukungu prisons in Mwanza, with a bail set at Sh 35,000 (Tsh 814,000)

After lady Maureen and her band members were bailed out, her life took a drastic change. she started developing health complications.

Maureen is currently fighting for her life in hospital and Kenyans online are worried. Was lady Maureen bewitched in Tanzania or is she suffering from another deadly malaise? More

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