Exposed: Who betrayed Raila’s BBI dream?

Former prime minister Raila Odinga has been doing everything possible to convince Kenyans on the important of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Baba is not happy!/PHOTO/COURTESY

In some parts of the Country like Kisumu and parts of Kisii, BBI has developed roots and everyone is singing the famous “Nobody can stop reggae” song.

It would be a big win for Baba if Mount Kenya accepts BBI. Apparently, the Agikuyu clan seems to be ‘Rutonated’ and ‘hustlerlized’.

We all saw what happened in Githurai. First of all, Githurai is just like Nairobi and it’s like an entry door to Central Kenya.

Raila knocked and the door was not opened. He kept knocking but the residents chased him away.

There are people who are playing hide and seek with Odinga. They are pretending to love him but they are like rats.

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Let’s talk about his brother, the president of the republic of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta. In past years, we saw how the two comrades were together.

The two used to talk and laugh loud in front of DP Ruto, something that angered William very much.

After some leaders from the mountain started distancing themselves from the handshake thing, Kenyatta started changing his tune slowly by slowly.

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The other day we heard him talk on a vernacular radio station saying he didn’t tell Kenyans to chose any specific leader.

In layman language, Uhuru was trying to communicate a very important message to all Kenyans. It’s vividly clear that even the president is sapped.

Everybody that Raila trusted has turned against him. Mombasa governor Joho, who used to be a big supporter of handshake has pulled out of the game.

The question is, who is to be blamed” More

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