Atwoli last warning to kieleweke team for insulting Ruto!

The central organization of trade union (COTU) boss, Francis Atwoli has called out on kieleweke team and those of BBI supporters to stop insulting deputy president William Ruto if they want to win 2022 general elections.

Atwoli pointed out and said that, the kieleweke faction should stop abusing and throwing insults to DP Ruto because the more they insult him the more he gets more followers.

“If we have to win against the Hustler Nation in 2022, we have to change our tactics. Hii ya kushinda tukitusi Ruto, haifanyi kazi.

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“The more we abuse him, the more supporters he gets. We need to re think our strategies” COTU boss noted.

He insisted and sad that instead of abusing him, they should change their tactics on how they will run their political campaign and use different strategies. More

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