Nairobi woman sues husband for entering her with a big manhood!

Drama, laughter and mesmerism filled Makadara law court on Wednesday, 20th January 2021 after a woman claimed that her husband was entering her with an oversized manhood.

Lucy told the court that she dumped husband for having big manhood

Lucy Njeri, a middle aged woman told Makadara court that she dumped her husband for having a very big manhood that was damaging her womanhood.

Lucy, who had attacked her husband after he caught her having intercourse with another man told Angelo Kithinji of Makadara court that she had dumped him and he was no longer welcome in her house.

“I warned him to never visit my house again because his p3nis is too huge for any woman”, said Njeri.

Lucy told the court that she had made numerous reports to Soweto police station against her husband Nyambere for consistently visiting her despite her warnings.

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“I have repeatedly told him that I don’t want him because I can’t stand him, he chose to keep bothering me, despite my reports even to the police”, she said.

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The court learned that the complainant, Lucy’s “husband” visited the accused house at around 10 pm.

Njeri refused to open the door despite him knocking for long. After he forcedly opened the door, Lucy poured ‘acid’ on his face causing serious facial injuries.

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Lucy Njeri was released on a ksh 10,000 cash bail, pending more court hearings on June 21st 2021. More

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