“ODM official has threatened to kill me” LSK boss Havi cries!

The law society of Kenya president Nelson Havi, has accused a senior ODM official of threatened to shoot him.

speaking to a local gossip magazine, Havi stated that the said official threatened his life on January 18th 2021, during an annual meeting convened by LSK that turned to chaotic.

He further stated that, he will take a legal action against the leader. Havi said he will present himself to the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) very early in the morning of 20th January 2021 to report the matter.

“I will be submitting a formal complaint to the IG (Hillary Mutyambai), National Police Service and the Director of Criminal Investigations on the offence threat to murder made against me yesterday.

“Should my life be endangered, you know the culprit and his principals,” Havi shared on his social media page.

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In a video from the chaotic meeting, the accused politician is heard shouting, “you will die by the bullet and we will come bury you”.

“He said that I will die by the Bullet. That is a threat to kill me. I am a public figure, I appear in a lot of forums, I am easily accessible.

“You know he is a friend of the other one who shot someone at a club,” Havi stated.

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The LSK president alleged that, he doubt if the accused official was acting on his own volition or that of the ODM party.

“ODM has always worked to derail my work at LSK and that is what you see me fighting to root out,” Havi alleged.

He also accused the former LSK presidential aspirant for sending goons including ODM officials at his meeting to disrupt his AGM meeting yesterday.

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“First Lady, concentrate on your official role in Laikipia County. You cannot send your known goons to disrupt a peaceful meeting of the Law Society of Kenya and blame it on the President,” Havi stated.

Eight members were suspended while other resigned during the chaotic meeting, constantly opposing how Havi is running the society. More

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