Jalang’o is hunted down by DCI after interviewing married twins.

A government agency has called out the director of criminal investigations to prope media personality Felix odour, also know as jalang’o, over his recent interview of twins who got married to each other.

Ezekiel Mutua has further noted that, they have reported the matter to the DCI, claiming that, the show was cultivating immortality among the youths.

“We just got  this (the controversial interview) a few hours ago and we have instructed our lawyers to take action. The complaint has also been registered with the DCI.

Both the host and the panelists will be held responsible for any unpalatable content aired,” he stated.

Mutua had earlier warned that he would protect african moral fabric at all cost and at any point, saying that some media personalities were showing bad examples and behaviour which he termed as anti- social.

Our so called celebrities are looking for bizzare sensational stories to trend at the expense of our culture and morality.

In the process, they are normalizing, glorifying and glamorizing anti-social behaviors that run counter to our culture.

“This is wrong and should not be allowed. KFCB will pursue all possible legal means to stop this nonsense. User- Generated Content must adhere to the law,” he stated.

The selfself-proclaimed discipline and moral police said this after Jalang’o hosted Brian and lex chiweru on 11th January 2021.

Brian and lex chiweru, have identical facial features, they disclosed that, the two have been close since childhood and they are biologically unrelated lookalike commonly referred as doppelgängers.

The unrelated twins narrated that, they grew up in the same neighbourhood, though their parents dont approve their relationship.

The doppelgängers phenomenon is something that is scientifically known but it has never been proven. They say it is a bad thing,” stated Brian.

The two came on fire after a video of them went viral angering Kenyans who termed their union as abomination.

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