Revelation on what might have caused the brutal murder of 4 family members in kiambu!

As detectives from the directorate of criminal investigation (DCI) try to piece up the information to establish what could have led to the brutal murder of four family members in karura village in kiambu county, new reports have emerged.

Preliminary findings shows that, Njoroge Warunge an American based nurse was stabbed 34 times and both hands broken

His wife, Ann Wanjiku who was a nurse at kiambu hospital had a broken hands and cut on her head, their son, Maxwell who was a std 7 pupil had four cuts on his head and more that 20 stabs on his chest, their younger son Christian had 15 stabs on his chest and back.

Its said that, warunge tried to jump from the balcony to escape but unluckily assailant caught up with him.

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He is suspected to have been hit by a blunt object , stabbed before his throat was slit.

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Kiambu county commissioner Wilson Wanyanga, presumed that the killers could have used a closed person to the family to access the compound.

“The house is well fenced with a perimeter wall and razor wire and there was no sign the killers struggled to gain entry by breaking in.

There is no doubt that the killers used someone close to the family to gain access to the house.” kiambu county commissioner noted.

It’s said that, the killers might have disconnected the alarm, because non of their neighbours heard any commotion.

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Detectives are trying to understand whether the killings could have been led by a land transaction gone wrong.

This has just happened after warunge’s brother Allan Njiire was shot and injured by unknown attackers 4 years ago, following the incident Njiire now walks with a limp.

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In 2017, another brother of the deceased was hit with a blunt object by unknown assailants and lost his live instantly. More

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