Hawa nao wamekataa kuzeeka. udaku yao..

Songs zao zilikuaga poa sana those days. I remember kenrazy was the talk of town after he release “Mbilikimo Mkora” and people thought that he was the kenya’s next big thing.

Apparently, this artist career went down instead of going up like other artists. Ni nini wengine wanadu chenye yeye hawezi du?

Sosuun, aka the main chic, Kenrazy’s wife is another artists, who’s talent is almost dead. People thought that they collaborations would be a big thing because they are a couple, unfortunately sio ivo.

Have you watched their new song “Baby boo”? If not, you can check it on YouTube. Manze hii song is a waste of time. They are trying to sing like Gengetone but imekataa. Sosuun is exposing too much of her body and kama parent joh, sio poa. And even their views hazipandi on YouTube, imekataa kabisa. I think Sosuun shoukd start singing Gospel songs. (My views)

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