Sad: Why Mike Sonko might not be on the ballot!

Tears of melancholy is streaming down the impeached governor Mike Sonko’s visage after learning that, he might not be on the next slate.

Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko/PHOTO/COURTSEY

Few days after Mike Sonko lost his title as the Nairobi County governor, Tharaka Nithi senator hon. Kithure Kindiki has highlighted issues that should be considered before an impeached governor runs for another seat.

According to Kindiki, governor Sonko and governor Waititu aka Baba yao cannot engage in the next by-elections.

” Impeached County Governors can not subsequently run for election to the office of County Governor or any other state or public office ever again within Kenya, unless the impeachment is successfully challenged and quashed by a court of law”, Said Kindiki in a social media post.

“According to Article 180(2) of the Constitution, to be eligible for election as County Governor, a person must, among other qualifications, be eligible for election as a Member of the County Assembly (MCA).

Then under Art. 193(2)(g) of the Constitution, a person is disqualified from being elected a MCA if the person has been found, in accordance with ANY LAW, to have misused or abused a State office or public office, or to have contravened Chapter Six of the Constitution.

[Invariably, impeached County Governors are removed from office by impeachment for among other violations, breach of Chapter Six]. Article 75(3) bars a person who is removed from office for violation of the integrity provisions of Chapter Six from holding any other State or public office”, Said Kindiki. More

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