A Kenyan cult member confesses how she used to win souls for the devil!

An influential woman from Kenya, went on her Instagram page and confessed how she was saved from claws of cultists.

The woman narrated that, she was used as a vessel to win souls for the devil, and that she decided to speak out because she was saved from the devil’s chain by one Televangelist T.B Joshua.

“That man is a man of God and I am speaking from experience. This man delivered me from darkness. I was in the hands of Satan and had sold my soul to him.

I had two demons living in me. One was the queen of the coast and the other the king of the sea. Do you see these beggars you give money to on the street? Think twice before you remove money to give to them.

Do you see these accidents that happen on the roads? Think twice before you say the driver was at fault or the car was faulty. Do you see these people who ‘drug’ you and you go to the ATM and you give them all your money? Think again.

That was not being drugged my dear friends. Do you see these people you see on the street wearing very nice clothes or nice hair or good makeup and you get the urge to ask them where they bought these clothes or that phone or that foundation or that lipstick? Think twice before you ask.

Do you see the people you see in your church every Sunday? Think twice before you think they are all Christians.” she stated.

According to this lady, many rich and influential people in Kenya are all members of the Illuminati. More

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