Why Senators did zero work in impeaching Mike Sonko!

Nairobi governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s impeachment came as a surprise to many Nairobians, especially those from poor backgrounds “Hustlers”

Mike Sonko, Wife and daughter/Photo/Mike Sonko/fb

Although senators voted yes towards his impeachment, Sonko is still the “Governor” of Nairobi. I will explain why.

Sonko was voted by over 800,000 Nairobians in order to be in that office. His intentions was to represent the common mwananchi, those guys from slums and streets of Nairobi. That’s why, Sonko’s dialect is exactly like that of uneducated person.

“Matako, Makende wewe” might be the main reasons why the senators thought that the governor was not fit to be in that office.

What they failed to investigate is what was happening the time Sonko was altering those words. Anybody can say anything when angered, or when trying to defend him/herself.

Yesterday, 20th December 2020, we saw a long queue, where the impeached governor was helping the poor in community. Those are the people that voted for him.

If Sonko is still stretching his hand to help his people despite his current challenges, what makes you think that he will not be voted in again? And will they impeach him again? More

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