Oscar sudi warning to Uhuru kenyatta after Sonko’s impeachment!

Kapseret member of parliament, Oscar Sudi has called out on president Uhuru Kenyatta over Sonko’s impeachment.

In a post on his social media page, the outspoken legislator said that, uhuru is undermining Ruto and his team, and that the head of state is trying to secure his legacy by fighting William Ruto and filtering out everybody close to Ruto.

Sudi said that Uhuru began by powering the impeachment of Waititu and now Sonko.

Angry Oscar said that every senator that voted for Sonko’s impeachment was paid ksh 2million just to satisfy Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Every Senator that voted for Governor Sonko’s impeachment was paid 2M each as Christmas kitty. It is sad that Senators sacrificed the will of the people of Nairobi County just to satisfy Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to secure his legacy through fighting William Ruto and cut down to size everybody close to William Ruto. He began with Waititu and now Sonko out of insecurities that the duo will outshine him because they enjoyed overwhelming support from the two rich counties.

Dynasties are so jealous that they don’t want anyone to surpass them in terms of wealth, popularity or vision. But they keep forgetting that there are so many Sonkos and Waititus in the streets.

Some people are so greedy to a level they think they will live this world for 500 years little do they know that they can’t live beyond 80 years. Anyway, God bless them. #UkweliUsemwe” the post read. More

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