Al-Shabaab display the faces of DusitD2 attackers in a video!

On 15th january 2019, Kenya’s biggest complex was attacked by Al-Shabaabs, Something that led to massive lose of lives and distraction of properties.

For the first time, the Al-Qaeda linked terror group Al-Shabaab has released a video displaying the names and faces of the five assailants, who attacked the DusitD2 building complex in Nairobi last year.

The 7 minutes clip, that displayed the 5 images of the attackers, stated that, their assault was a response to the decision made by American president Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the ‘Jewish state’ a reference to Israel.

According to reports by some independent media in Mogadishu, the video also shows the men in a car, heading towards the target of their mission. The jihadists could also be seen watching a film about the founder of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden.

The clips shows that ,three of the attackers were kenyans, while two were somalians. The video also revealed the tribes and clans of the jihadist.

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In the video, the terror group said that, the Dusit mission was led by Agikuyu descent. The five attackers were named as Osman Ahmed Hassan, Ali Salim, Abdigani Arap Yusuf, Mohmaed Adam Nur and Mahir Khalid. More

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