LSK boss last warning to Sifuna over remarks he made about Aisha Jumwa!

The battle for the Msambweni member of parliament seat is becoming too fierce if not getting out hand.

Malindi member of parliament Aisha Jumwa threw allegations saying that, her life is in danger and that some political fellows threatened to rape her.

Speaking in Msambweni during the hotly contested Msambweni by-election campaigns, the legislator said that. she is not afraid of rape and they should know that she is not a virgin.

Surprisingly, her claims were used against her by ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna, who dismissed the allegations. He stated that, he does not recognize Aisha Jumwa as one of ODM MPs because, she was suspended from the party.

The secretary general, further narrated that, no one was planning to rape miss Aisha Jumwa. In a video going round on social media, Sifuna is heard throwing harsh words at Aisha saying that, the Malindi legislator can not be raped considering her body shape.

The law society of Kenya has however condemned the remarks made by Sifuna, terming it as beastly remarks that undervalue women leadership.

“The unfortunate remarks underscore how his party undervalues and mistreats women leaders and voters.” LSK boss Havi stated. More

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