Exposed: how Ruto is outsmarting Raila!

On 11th December 2020, deputy president William Ruto held a meeting with baringo county leadership, which was attended by governor Stanley curtis, mps moses lessonet(eldamaravine) among other legislators and speaker david kerich.

former prime minister Raila Odinga/deputy president William Ruto/PHOTO COURTESY

Dp insisted that, leaders should strive to build consensus in all engagement rather than risking on dividing kenyans.

“We should strive to build consensus in all our engagements rather than dwelling on an unnecessary contests that risk dividing Kenyans.

With the devastating Covid19 pandemic we should direct our energies, resources and attention to the crisis that has caused inimitable economic and social disruption to our country.” He stated .

It’s said that Deputy President William Ruto has always outsmarted former prime minister Raila Odinga in a series of major political moves that are now threatening to end Odinga’s political career.

In a series of well-calculated political moves that are perfectly timed, Ruto has worked his way to the top, taking advantage of every blunder made by Raila Odinga.

The second in command has emerged as a fierce defender of the public, overthrowing Odinga from the position he held for a long time as the opposition leader. More

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