Police kills university student in alcohol tussle!

Tears of melancholy streamed down residents of Namanjala in Kwanza constituency, Trans Nzoia’s visage, after a second year student was shot dead by a police officer.

Eugene Sebastian, a second year student at Kibabii University, was reportedly shot by police officers on early Friday morning, while he was trying to stop the officer from pouring his father’s sweet liquor.

Chaos broke out in the village as residents engaged police in a running battle after the boy was quelled.

Eye witness said that police, who were cracking down on illicit brew traders, raided the deceased’s home in the wee hours of Friday, 11th December 2020.

The second year student at Kibabii university tried to block an officer from pouring his father’s illicit liquor because, according to an informer, that’s where his parents were getting his school fees from.

The 20 years old boy was fatally shot at a close range, something that angered the residents. More

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