Oscar Sudi last warning to Ekur yatani after declaring hard times ahead for kenyans!

Kapseret member of parliament, Oscar sudi has hit out on treasury Cs Ekur Yatani over his remarks that, kenyans should start adopting to harsh economic times ahead.

Oscar sudi said that, Yatani should not make such sentiments because he is among the leaders using state resources to push the BBI agendas.

“This government has failed terribly not because of Kenyans themselves but because of the failure in leadership.

My message to CS Ukur Yattani don’t inform us such nonsense yet you are among those using state machinery pushing BBI agenda.

Tell your boss the truth that as we are talking Kenyan citizens cannot even afford to put food in their tables. Stop telling us your nonsense sit down and think on how to rescue our falling country”, Oscar Sudi wrote on his social media page. More

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