Sometimes, relationships can be hectic, only people with strong heart of perseverance makes it to the end of the road.

Carefully read the story of this Kenyan man, who got the shock of his life.

” It is a day that i will never forget. I had traveled to somewhere, far from my place and my wife didn’t expect me anytime soon. But something made me change my mind and went back home.

I knocked at my door severally and my wife took ages to open the door for me, something that was unusual and i suspected that something was not good.

I tried to question her on why she took so long to open the door for me but she remained mum. Full of curiosity, i went to the back door because i had heard some movements there while my wife was opening the door.

What i saw left me in shock. It was truly a bizarre twist of fates and i had to go outside and look again if i was truly in my own house. A man, dressed in my wife’s skirt was standing there, trying to hide his confused face.

At first, i didn’t know what to do. I just called my elder brother and told him about the incident. He told me to get out of that house so that i don’t do anything stupid.

My wife left me because of that incident,she could not contain the shame. She left the kids behind with me. Am now a happy single dad and am still pushing on with life.”

This story actually shocked me. I can’t even imagine what this boy child went through that day.

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