Why Some Kenyans Are Blaming Joyce Syombua for her death and that of her two kids.

A number of netizens have had mixed reactions after the announcement of the demise of Joyce Syombua and her two children Shanice Maua and Prince Michael.

Joyce Syombua and her two children | Balindiway News

Lets see why some Kenyans are blaming the deceased for her own death. Did Syombua Kill her two children?

Peter Mugure, the father of Shaniz and Prince Michael is currently detained. This is after bodies of his entire family, i.e his wife and two children were discovered.

Why Kenyans are sad : I saw a post online says that, Joyce Syombua had infected Major Peter Mugure with HIV, and that’s why he developed doubts about her and her children. They went to court and as usual, the judge would rule on favor of Joyce and her two children.

Peter Mugure’s salary was being divided into almost three quarters and two quarters would go to Joyce Syombua to take care of the children. Now Kenyans are arguing that, Peter felt really and jealous for feeding a woman who was being screwed by another man and that’s why he took the deadly action.

But according to me, i still think and believe that the children were innocent. They had bright futures. He could have dealt with the mother and left the innocent Angels alone.

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