“Uhuru is very young to retire” Atwoli warns BBI opponents!

The central organization of trade(COTU) secretary general Francis Atwoli has endorsed president uhuru Kenyatta for president come 2022. He stated that uhuru is still young to retire and he is free to run for another term.


Speaking in Kisumu on 27th November 2020, Atwoli said that, nothing will stop uhuru from vying for another term in 2022, once Building bridges initiative is passed.

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“Unless the president feels he has done enough, he is tired and wants to go home and rest, nothing stops him from vying again in 2022 after passing these amendments,” he said.

He also urged Kenyans across the country not to reject BBI, reminding them that, the document had amendments which will seek to address some of their challenges.

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“Every time after election we have skirmishes and the people who are affected the most are workers, women and children. Therefore, we must support this document which seeks to put an end to this menace,” he concluded. More

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