“Increment of Parliamentarians will suffocate Kenyans” mosses kuria fumes!

Gatundu south member of parliament Moses kuria has threatened to join the NO campaign against the building bridges initiative (BBI).

The outspoken legislator said that, the report does not capture the issue affecting a common mwananchi and is instead seeking to overburden tax payers by increasing a number of parliamentarians.

Kuria noted that, despite amendments made in the document seeking to change the structure of country’s governance , most views of ordinary Kenyans were not included into the report.

He went ahead and said that, he will join the catholic bishops faction, that recently rubbished off the document saying that, it has ignored their major key proposals.

“The president should call the team spearheading the BBI process and make the necessary amendments that will see Kenyans relieved the huge burden of having more parliamentarians.

Should they fail to make the changes, I will join the Catholic church whose stand you all know,” he said.

He made the remarks at garbage village in his constituency during the burial ceremony of two brothers . The legislator went ahead and updated his social media page and stated that a tax payer will be forced to pay 33.6 billion for a one MP per year.

“According to a report by the Parliamentary Budget Office, it costs the taxpayers Ksh 52,500,000 to maintain one MP per year. With the 640 MPs recommended by the BBI, it will now cost you Ksh 33.6 Billion in direct and indirect emoluments. Sijasema kitu” he posted. More

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