Miguna clapped back at Uhuru for trying to warn DCI Kinoti.

On 25th November 2020, Raila Odinga and his handshake partner president Uhuru kenyatta, launched BBI signatures drive in a low key event at KICC.

Whereby, the head of state condemned the DCI boss George kinoti’s decision to investigate the 2007/8 post election violence.

Uhuru warned kinoti and said that, he should be careful on what he his about to start because it might bring back old and bad memories of this country.

Speaking during the BBI drive signatures launch at KICC, the head of state stated that, “those who want to open old wounds should not think they are joking.

I cannot accept that to happen. You don’t think before you talk, you don’t think before you act”. However his speech seemed to have angered the former NRM Dr. Miguna Miguna.

Miguna Miguna took to his social media and clapped back at Uhuru and said that, he has no power to stop Kinoti for doing investigations because kenya constitution indicates so.

“The Constitution of Kenya does not give Despot Uhuru Kenyatta power over the Kenya Police or Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI.

Therefore, he may disagree with George Kinoti’s stupidity the way many of us do but he cannot ORDER Kinoti not to investigate anything. #RejectBBI” he posted on his social media page.

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