Reasons why 16 years old boy inherited 15 children and 3 wives

Meet Korkor Ripotolim, a form 3 student at tangul bei high school in baringo county, who inherited 3 wives and 15 children.

At just 16, Korkor is set to play the role of a father and husband to the late brother’s wives and children.

Korkor was handed over the responsibility of taking in three wives and and their children, following the death of his elder brother, namwama cherem.

According to pokot culture, younger brother will inherit his brother’s wife incase he dies, this include their children and property left behind by the deceased , so as to settle any debt left behind.

Korkor explained why it was a demand for him to inherit the 3 wives and 15 children, left behind by his elder brother.

He also pleaded for help on how to cater for the family because he is just a student, who has no means of income.

“We were two brothers, he was the eldest. He left behind three wives and 15 children, and in our culture, we cannot let the wives go back to their parents.

The next brother has the responsibility of inheriting the wives and children. I’m still in school and I do not have the means to provide for the wives and children.

I would like the women to be helped and given a source of livelihood,” he explained. More

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