EXPOSED: Why Murunga never slept in his matrimonial house since he became MP!

The story of Matungu member of parliament, the late hon. Justus Murunga has shocked many, especially after people learning that, the legislator abandoned his wife of three decades immediately he became a member of parliament in 2017.

Photo showing the late Justus Murunga and his Family house./PHOTO/COURTESY

The late “flamboyant” Matungu Member of parliament had made a name for himself. In his village, many had nicknamed him “Money bag” because he liked giving money to anyone who came near him, but not his children.

According to an expose that was publish by The Nairobian, Since Justus became an MP in 2017, “Family yake alikua anaionea Viusasa”. He stopped sleeping in his Utawala home, where his wife and five children lived in a “Mabati” house.

Murunga was sleeping in cheep lodgings around utawala. Some lodgings costed him as low as 700 shillings per night. Some of his children, especially the young ones were almost forgetting how their dad looked like.

Some used to see him in shopping malls and anytime his child came running to greet him, Murunga would disperse them with a 500 shillings and a message “say hi to your mother”

Despite Justus Murunga being a member of parliament, his family used to go without food, and up to to now, they live in shanty mabati house in Utawala, with a potholed floor.

His children lucked school fees and some were send out of school due to fees arrears. Rumours says that, Justus had vowed never to support his family, because he believed that, some of the children were not his.

He felt hard to offer them support. Justus had other families like Agnes Wangui Wambiri, who were pressuring him to provide children support. more

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