Miguna Miguna exposes Nairobi governor John Sakaja dirty deal!

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has castigated Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja for what he alleged he has been stealing from Kenyans and investing in other countries.

The out spoken jurist further revealed that he has bought members of parliament both in Kenya Kwanza and ODM in order to keep them silent.

“Good morning, Nairobi. I have been given piles of files showing more than a zillion THEFTS Johnson Sakaja is perpetrating in Nairobi and the list of property he has purchased in Dubai, USA, UK, South Africa and Kenya.

“My head hurts from just reading the dossier. I’ve also been given copies of evidence of THEFT by Sakaja and his cronies – piles of documents proving FRAUD and correspondence between some MCAs and the Nairobi County Speaker, seeking accountability, yet the County Speaker, @KRACorporate , @EACCKenya , ODPP_KE appear to be part of a conspiracy to protect Sakaja & Co. from being brought to book.

“How can two people – Sakaja and Ochanda – control the collection, receipts and records of all revenue streams in the county with zero accountability? How is it possible that Sakaja has been literally CONTROLLING the entire Nairobi County financial system without regard to the laid down laws, procedures, and accountability mechanisms?

“Sakaja has been using public funds he has looted to compromise conman Raila Odinga who has in turn directed the The ODM party MCAs to turn a blind eye to the plunder in Nairobi.

“He has also BOUGHT the Githeri Media, which continues to conceal his looting spree! Enough is Enough! Johnson Sakaja must go!!,” Miguna posted on his X account. More

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